Clarksburg Truck Accident Lawyers

Collisions involving large commercial trucks are among the most frightening and dangerous motor vehicle accidents one can experience. Any responsible truck driver or shipping company will recognize this risk and take every reasonable safety precaution on the road. Unfortunately, truckers and private drivers alike are routinely harmed in trucking accidents – many of which are caused by risky choices.

If you or a member of your family has suffered major injuries in a commercial truck accident, you need a full understanding of your legal rights and options at this time. The Law Office of David W. Frame is happy to offer the support, information, and legal representation you need to fight for justice. To schedule a free consultation with the Clarksburg truck accident lawyers of the Law Office of David W. Frame, call us at 800-352-9460.

Trucking Accident Cases We Handle

With years of experience serving accident victims in our community, we are prepared to handle a wide variety of semi-truck injury claims. Although every claim is different, most of the cases we handle fall into one of the following three categories:

If your injuries were caused by another party’s poor choices, you should not be left with the burden of medical bills, missed work, reduced earning capacity, and more. Our Clarksburg 18-wheeler accident attorneys are committed to helping trucking accident victims like you receive full compensation.

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The Clarksburg semi-truck accident lawyers at the Law Office of David W. Frame bring passion, education, and extensive legal resources to every case we handle. To discuss what we can do for you, contact us at 800-352-9460.