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We all have a basic responsibility to avoid taking needless risks with the health and safety of those around us. This is not a fact that only applies in special circumstances, but every day. After all, a life-changing injury can result from a moment’s oversight or carelessness. Sadly, there are still all too many people, businesses, and government agencies that fail to bear this fact in mind.

If you or someone you care for has been harmed by a negligent action, you have a right to know about your full legal options. A Clarksburg personal injury attorney from the Law Office of David W. Frame can help you review your case in detail and decide which steps you need to take next. Call us to schedule a free initial consultation at 800-352-9460.

Preventable Tragedies

It is a sad truth that many catastrophic accidents could have been fully avoided by observing basic safety regulations. Through no fault of their own, countless individuals have been forced to live with the long-term impacts of injuries like:

Any damage to the brain or spinal cord can have severe medical, personal, and financial ramifications. These injuries can be highly painful, debilitating, and even fatal. If you have suffered severe consequences from a brain or spinal injury, or have lost a loved one to such an incident, Clarksburg personal injury lawyer David Frame is here to fight for you.

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Whether your accident was caused by a single person or a large multinational corporation, the Clarksburg personal injury attorneys from the Law Office of David W. Frame will pursue your case with precision and aggression. Contact us today at 800-352-9460 to begin discussing your legal rights and options.