Clarksburg Product Liability Attorneys

Before a company places a new product on the market, they have more to consider than marketing or pricing. They also have an important moral and legal duty to ensure the product is reasonably safe to use. If they do not, we at the Law Office of David W. Frame believe they should be held accountable to the people they have harmed.

The legal policy that holds negligent businesses responsible for the injuries they cause is known as product liability. If you have been injured by a dangerously designed or manufactured product, our Clarksburg product liability attorneys can fight for justice on your behalf. Call our offices today at 800-352-9460.

Common Product Liability Claims

There have been many legal cases in recent years that received a good deal of national attention, and highlighted the importance of safe product design, manufacture, and shipping. Despite this, innocent consumers continue to be hurt by negligent corporate errors such as:

The damage caused by such mistakes can be painful, debilitating, or even fatal. If you have suffered any medical or financial losses due to a business’s dangerous errors, you may deserve compensation for your pain and suffering. Our Clarksburg dangerous product attorneys will fight for your rights with efficiency, thoroughness, and a dedication to justice.

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