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Pet ownership is more popular than ever across the US. According to a 2006 survey, over 60% of American homes own some kind of pet, with dogs and cats remaining the most popular. While pets can certainly offer companionship, support, and entertainment, there are also certain risks involved in bringing an animal into your home. These risks do not only affect pet owners, but the entire community.

If you or a member of your family has suffered an attack from someone else’s pet, you already know what some of these risks are. At the Law Office of David W. Frame, we take pet owners’ responsibility towards the animals and people around them very seriously. To learn about legal options for animal attack victims, call Clarksburg dog bite injury lawyer David Frame at 800-352-9460.

Dog Bites and West Virginia Law

Unfortunately, the state of West Virginia does not make legal matters as easy for dog bite victims as many states do. The laws concerning pet ownership and animal attacks are complex in our state. A few important concepts to understand if you have suffered a dog bite include:

  • The “at large” policy: Under our state’s laws, a dog owner is only strictly liable for a dog attack if he or she was allowing the animal to roam “at large.” This means that dog owners are prohibited from allowing their pets to travel around the community without a leash or proper supervision. If you have been attacked by a dog that was not “at large,” it is still possible to receive compensation, but your case will likely be more complex.
  • The “one bite” policy: Dogs and their owners may receive a “free pass” the first time the dog attacks a person or another animal. The logic is that if a dog has not been aggressive before, the owner had no reason to believe that it may be dangerous. If you want to receive compensation for being attacked by a dog that was not “at large,” you will need evidence that the dog had shown signs of aggression before, or that its owner was negligent in caring for the dog, or that the owner violated another safety regulation.

These laws do not mean that your animal attack case is hopeless. They only mean that you will need a thorough and experienced Clarksburg dog bite lawyer to maximize your chances of success. Since our law office has been operating in this community for many years, we have the detailed understanding of local regulations and policies that you need.

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A pit bull attack or other dog bite is a frightening experience that can have life-changing consequences. Our Clarksburg dog bite attorneys are fully committed to helping you receive the full compensation you need for medical bills and other losses. Contact our offices today at 800-352-9460.