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Before the effects of the heavy metal lead on human health were well-known, it was used extensively in the production of paint. Lead can make paint glossier and more durable, and it is still used in some countries. But it is also capable of causing severe damage to the brain, nervous system, and other organs if it enters the body. Children are especially vulnerable to the effects of lead poisoning.

Many old houses contain lead paint, and it is still sometimes discovered on imported toys. Young children have been known to ingest paint flakes that come loose from houses or toys. If your child has been harmed by exposure to lead paint, contact a Clarksburg lead paint poisoning lawyer from the Law Offices of David W. Frame today by calling 800-352-9460.

Effects of Lead Paint Poisoning

Lead poisoning affects every organ system in the body, but many of the most severe symptoms are caused by its effects on the brain. The effects of lead paint poisoning include:

  • Abnormal brain development
  • Learning disabilities
  • Decreased cognitive abilities
  • Personality disorders
  • Kidney damage
  • Stunted growth
  • Heart disease

Many of the most serious symptoms are caused by lead’s ability to damage the brain, including a number of psychiatric disorders. Lead poisoning can cause mood and personality disorders. Childhood exposure to lead paint is associated with adults who are more prone to violence, exhibit more psychiatric conditions, and are likelier to end up in prison than people who were not exposed.

Negligent companies that harm children by allowing products containing lead paint to be sold should be held accountable. If your child has suffered lead paint poisoning due to a poorly manufactured toy or other product, our Clarksburg lead paint poisoning attorneys may be able to help.

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Exposure to lead paint, regardless of where it came from, is always hazardous. Victims of lead paint poisoning have the right to seek compensation for their medical expenses, losses, and suffering caused by another person’s negligence. To discuss your case with a compassionate Clarksburg lead paint poisoning lawyer, contact the Law Offices of David W. Frame today by calling 800-352-9460.