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A damaged blood vessel, artery, or vein may leak into tissues, causing what is known as a hematoma. Depending on the size and location of the hematoma, this pooling of blood can cause inflammation, pain, infection, or other problems with nearby organs. Anyone who suffers from a head injury should receive a CT scan as soon as possible so that doctors can check for any hematomas that might be developing in delicate brain tissue.

If you or someone you know has suffered a traumatic brain injury that led to a hematoma, you deserve to be compensated for the needless pain and suffering you have been forced to endure. For more information on your legal rights and options as the victim of a brain injury, contact the Clarksburg hematoma attorneys at the Law Offices of David. W. Frame at 800-352-9460

Causes of Hematomas

Hematomas in the head can cause increased pressure on the brain, which can have serious long-term consequences. Some of the most unfortunately common causes of intracranial hematomas include:

  • Trauma to the head
  • Weak blood vessels
  • Anti-coagulation medication
  • Reduced platelet count in a patient
  • Surgery

Given the delicate functioning of the brain, it is imperative for patients on blood thinners to have even minor head injuries checked out by a physician. Any damage to the brain can be absolutely devastating, and the victims of hematomas deserve to be compensated for their injuries if they were caused by the careless, malicious, or negligent actions of another person or entity.

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