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Speed limits exist for a reason. They are based on scientific models of automobiles, roads, and traffic patterns, and are designed to reflect the maximum speed at which it is safe to drive. Exceeding the speed limit is a risk for the speeding driver and his or her passengers, but it also puts everyone else on the road at risk for a serious accident.

If you or someone you love has been seriously injured because of the reckless actions of a speeding driver, you should not have to pay for the medical bills, repairs, and lost wages resulting from your injuries. At the Law Offices of David W. Frame, our Clarksburg speeding accident lawyers work tirelessly to help our clients defend their rights and find justice in the wake of a serious accident. To learn more, call us at 800-352-9460.

Dangers of Speeding

It is a simple scientific fact that driving faster increases the force of collisions when they do occur. Even an automobile collision at 35 mph can prove fatal. When the speeds involved go well beyond the posted speed limit, the potential destruction of a collision increases substantially – as does the likelihood of a collision. Speeding decreases the driver’s control over the automobile, making it more difficult to take evasive action.

There are numerous factors that can affect the ideal safe speed for driving. Adverse weather decreases a driver’s ability to see the road and predict the actions of other drivers. Poor weather conditions also decrease a vehicle’s ability to stop, slow down, and maneuver correctly in traffic. In bad weather, driving below the speed limit is the only responsible way to protect yourself and other drivers.

People whose lives have been seriously affected by the actions of a reckless driver do not have to resign themselves to their condition. It can be difficult to put the pieces back together after a life-threatening accident, but with the help of an experienced Clarksburg speeding injury lawyer, you can win damages for your suffering and return to a normal life.

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