Clarksburg Seatbelt Defect Lawyers

When riding in a motor vehicle, people operate under the assumption that the vehicle’s safety belts will help prevent or lessen injuries in the unfortunate event of a wreck. Unfortunately, when there is a problem with the manufacturing or materials used to create the belt, defects can occur that can cause it to be ineffective or even dangerous.

In most cases, it is likely that the manufacturer could be held liable for any injuries or damages caused by the defective product. The standards of manufacturing for the automotive safety devices are very high, as driver and passenger safety is not something to be taken lightly. If your life has been affected by a negligent automaker, call a Clarksburg seatbelt injury attorney from the Law Office of David W. Frame at 800-352-9460.

Types of Seatbelt Defects

Seatbelt defects can take many forms and cause a number of different dangerous situations. Some examples include:

  • Excessive slack in belt
  • Missing or poorly designed shoulder strap
  • Unintended or spontaneous unlatching
  • Lack of belt locking in accident

While this list is short, there are truly an innumerable number of potential defects that can affect a car’s safety belt. Drivers should regularly examine their vehicles and look for possible problem areas.

Contact a Clarksburg Seatbelt Defect Attorney

If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident where the seatbelts failed to function in their intended manner, you may be entitled to compensation. To explore the possibility of filing a liability lawsuit, call 800-352-9460 to contact the Clarksburg lawyers at the Law Offices of David W. Frame.