Windshield Wiper Defects

While most drivers recognize the risks that certain defective automobile components, such as tires or airbags, can pose to them or their passengers, there are other potential sources of danger that go largely ignored. For example, while they serve an extremely important function in keeping motorists safe, few people think to regularly check their windshield wipers for defects caused by faulty materials or negligent manufacturing practices.

If you have been in, or know someone who has been in, a wreck caused by defective windshield wipers failing to do their job, a liability lawsuit may be a possible way to receive compensation for damages. The Clarksburg car accident lawyers at The Law Offices of David Frame can help you learn more about automotive defect cases.

Why Are Wipers So Important?

When it begins to rain, road visibility can drop significantly even with correctly functioning wipers in place. If the vehicle’s wipers have been negligently manufactured and fail to work as they should, water will coat the windshield and, in heavy rain, make it almost impossible to see where the car is going. This can easily lead to serious or deadly accidents since obstacles, such as pedestrians and other vehicles, will go unnoticed by the driver.

To assure that your windshield wipers work when you need them most, inspect them for defects on a regular basis, and make sure to change the blades when they become worn out.

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