Vehicles and Pedestrians

Drivers should always be careful and attentive when they are behind the wheel, but they must be particularly vigilant when driving in areas with a high level of pedestrian traffic. Around schools, parks, urban centers, parking lots, and entertainment districts there are likely to be many people moving around on foot. The consequences of a vehicle-pedestrian accident can be devastating for all parties involved.

Drivers must take responsibility for assuring that their habits behind the wheel keep pedestrians as safe as possible at all times. Though inattentive walkers or joggers may be frustrating, drivers must always assume that a person on foot has the right-of-way.

Keeping Pedestrians Safe

Put simply, in order to protect pedestrians, drivers must always remain aware and undistracted when they are behind the wheels of their vehicles. Special care should be taken to look for pedestrians when drivers are:

  • Near schools, parks, or urban environments
  • Making left turns
  • Approaching a crosswalk
  • Backing up or driving in parking lots
  • In neighborhoods

There is no excuse for speeding or other negligent driving behavior in these areas, as it can easily endanger the lives of pedestrians.

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