Vehicle Roof Defects

It is extremely important for automotive manufacturers to produce components that meet very high standards. The structural integrity of a vehicle’s frame is the key in protecting the wellbeing of passengers during an accident. This is particularly true in incidents where a vehicle rolls over. If the support beams attaching the roof to the car’s body are not sufficiently strong, the roof can collapse and cause catastrophic injuries for those inside the passenger cabin.

While there is a real risk for injury in any car accident, a defective roof vastly increases the chance that a person will be seriously hurt or killed in a wreck. If you suspect that a roof defect is to blame for your injuries or the injuries of a loved one, we urge you to contact the Clarksburg auto defect lawyers at the Law Offices of David Frame.

Effects of Roof Collapse

A vehicle roof collapse can have many grave effects. The roof crushes down into the passenger cabin, increasing the chance for serious head and neck trauma which can cause brain damage, paralysis, or even death.

A roof collapse will also cause the windows and windshield of a vehicle to shatter, sending shards of glass flying through the air. This glass can easily hit passengers and create serious lacerations or puncture wounds.

Finally, the forces present during a roof collapse can cause the vehicle’s doors to open, making it more likely that someone could be ejected from the car.

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