Motorcycle Accidents

One of the greatest escapes a person can enjoy is riding on the open road without worrying about problems left behind or problems ahead. Unfortunately, motorcyclists encounter many problems because of the very nature of a motorcycle and the lack of protection it affords riders. When a motorcyclist becomes involved in an accident, he or she deserves the assistance of a lawyer experienced in motorcycle accidents.

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Size and Structure

As previously mentioned, a motorcycle’s size and structure allow motorcyclists to face many problems on the road that other drivers do not face. A few factors that cause problems for motorcyclists:

  • Minimal size: Because motorcycles are so small, drivers may be thrown into the air once struck by another vehicle.
  • Minimal traction: Not only are most motorcycle wheels more narrow, but there are only two, meaning fewer wheels balance the weight of the bike. In the event a motorcyclist wishes to brake abruptly, he or she can easily lose control of the motorcycle. The front wheel will begin to shake from side to side. This is also known as a “wobble”. When a motorcyclist encounters uneven pavement or a pothole, he or she may also begin to lose control.
  • Minimal visual recognition: Since motorcycles are smaller than most other vehicles, people will see them less easily because people normally lookout for vehicles of a regular size.

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