Mine Collapse

Mining is a deep-seated part of West Virginia’s history and culture. Coal mining in particular is an important part of West Virginia’s economy, firing power plants that produce much of the electricity used east of the Mississippi. Despite the importance of coal mining for our state, coal mine disasters are not a rarity. Fortunately, the victims of mining accidents and their families may be entitled to compensation when these devastating workplace accidents occur.

Compared to other mining operations, coal mines are particularly prone to collapses and other disasters. The 1907 Monongah Mining Disaster was the deadliest mining disaster in American history, claiming the lives of some 362 West Virginians. Even though mine safety has increased since then, disasters like the 29 lives lost in the 2010 explosion at the Upper Big Branch Mine are a painful reminder of the ongoing dangers of coal mining.

Many mining injuries and deaths, including some disasters, are preventable. Stricter safety procedures and standards have been put in place to protect the safety of miners, but mining companies do not always follow them adequately. Miners in West Virginia still put their lives at risk every day to ensure the nation’s coal demands are met.

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Mine collapse is an all-too-familiar danger for miners and their families. If you or someone you love has been harmed by a mine collapse or other mining disaster, you may be entitled to compensation for your medical expenses, losses, and suffering. To learn more, contact the Clarksburg personal injury lawyers of the Law Offices of David W. Frame today at 800-352-9460.