Medical Malpractice

Malpractice is mainly a professional miscalculation or wrongdoing that results in injury, damage, or death. Medical malpractice is any mistake made by a doctor, nurse, or other medical worker where the professional acts negligently, maliciously, or in a way that another, “reasonable” person in their position would not have.

Some common diseases that have been missed or misdiagnosed because of medical malpractice include colon cancer, heart attacks, lung cancer, appendicitis, and breast cancer. In cases like these, the patient had to suffer a delay before being treated for the disease, was thought to have had another kind of ailment, or the testing itself was mishandled. Of course, these mistakes are serious, since many diseases will spread and become more dangerous to the patient if unseen and untreated.

Some cases of medical malpractice have included false medical reporting and have resulted in the amputation of a perfectly fine limb. There have also been cases where individuals complained of an array of complications only to find out that a medical instrument used during his or her surgery was left inside of them.

Many times patients feel they are entitled to make a medical malpractice claim because of negative side-effects. However, certain procedures and drugs are known to have certain risks, complications, or side effects. Some conditions in the medical world have become “standards” and are no cause for alarm in the emergency room or the court room.

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