Medical Malpractice during Pregnancy

Childbirth is the climax for the most precious 38 weeks in most parents’ lifetime. Taking care of a child takes an incredible amount of responsibility, both before and after the child has come in the world. It is within the first 38 weeks that parents decide on a physician who will help them along the way to a safe and steady delivery. Unfortunately, not all pregnancies have the same outcome.

Considering that childbirth is a naturally occurring process, it would seem as if complications would be a rare occurrence. However, due to new advancements in the medical care industry, the ability to predetermine the outcome of the delivery becomes better and better. It is when these technologies are not used to the best of their abilities and proper attention is not given to the family that something is likely to go wrong.

Medical malpractice during a pregnancy can involve both the mother and the fetus. The baby can die, be stillborn, or injured. And of course, the mother may become injured or die during the pregnancy or delivery.

More Specific Pregnancy Accidents

Some of the most unfortunately common examples of pregnancy accidents include:

  • Premature births: This can cause serious health-related issues with the baby, sometimes into adulthood. The physician is not always at fault in premature births.
  • Miscarriages: This is the death of the fertilized egg within the first 20 weeks.
  • Preeclampsia: In severe cases, elevated blood pressure can injure organs and severely debilitate a mother.
  • Oligohydramnios: Also known as low amniotic fluid. Amniotic fluid is needed to sustain the baby while in the womb. This may sometimes result in a forced delivery if not treated quickly.
  • Ectopic pregnancies: The egg settles in the fallopian tube or other area outside the uterus, where it cannot survive.

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