Dog Bites

Many of us have grown up with dogs and have even made them a part of our families. Although the dog is “man’s best friend,” like all other creatures, they can fall back on their instincts at any moment. This is not to say that instincts are always the reason a dog attacks a person. Sometimes being raised by abusive owners can make the animal especially aggressive.

Every single day more than a hundred people in the United States alone seek medical attention for a severe dog bite, most occurring on the property of the owner. More than 4 million dog attacks are reported by people each year, with almost 1 million needing medical care. Rottweilers and pit bulls account for roughly half of the deaths that happen each year.

Dogs that bite are usually part of an aggressive breed and do not have social skills, due to neglect on the part of their owners. Dogs that have not been trained to deal with people or have not undergone obedience trained are more prone to attack people as well. Some dogs have pent up aggression due to being chained up or being let loose in a territory in order to protect it.

Most cases of dog bites are due to owner negligence, may result in compensation for the victim, and are punishable by the law. There is no excuse for this behavior in an animal.

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