Defensive Driving

In a sense, everybody on the road is either a potential victim or a potential cause for an accident. If you strive towards not being the cause of car accidents, then you can focus on minimizing the risk of being a potential victim on the road. Defensive driving can be defined as the act of adopting new techniques into your driving routine in order to prevent accidents from happening.

Thinking ahead, putting safety first, never assuming the best of drivers, keeping your distance, slowing down, and minimizing any accident risks are the essentials to defensive driving.

Strategies for Defensive Driving

Things you can do while behind the wheel to help reduce the risk of accident and injury:

  • Keep clear from factors that will inhibit your driving capabilities. Drinking alcohol decreases your reaction time and ability to avoid an accident. Getting enough sleep is also crucial to staying alert.
  • Watch for other drivers. Always be ready to make decisions and always assume that other drivers on the road do not make the best decisions. If you always assume that someone is not in control then you have become in control of your own surroundings.
  • Focus on the road and other driving conditions. Knowing what is going on at all times is imperative to safe driving. Knowing the conditions of the road and handling your car accordingly is a good idea for all weather conditions. Following traffic laws and speed limits helps you to make sure you never get pulled over and never risk causing an accident for somebody else. Always minimize any distractions that will keep you from focusing on the road like eating or talking on the phone.

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