Dangers of 18-Wheelers and Big Trucks

18-wheelers and other large trucks can become a serious hazard in certain conditions.  Their size and speed mean that an accident involving a commercial truck can be catastrophic. Even after an accident has occurred, additional injuries can result from additional collisions with these large vehicles, due to the amount of road space they take up.

Another hazard of large vehicles is the limited vision of their drivers. Trucks are surrounded by “blind spots” or “no zones”: areas that the truck driver cannot see. A driver of a smaller vehicle may unknowingly be in this area, and could be struck when the truck suddenly tries to move into his or her lane.

Trucker error can also contribute to major accidents. If a truck driver drives at excessive speeds or fails to provide enough space for the other vehicles on the road, serious injuries and property damage can easily result. Another sadly common road danger is large trucks that have not been regularly inspected and repaired, potentially resulting in dangerous defects and breakdowns.

Long hours on the road can also result in sleep deprivation for drivers.  Many people forget that this is their job and like a lot of jobs, it is repetitive and tiring. A trucker who has not stopped for enough rest at regular intervals may fall asleep on the road and seriously injure those around him or her.

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