Bicycle Helmet Defects

A bicycle helmet is designed to protect the person wearing it. In the unfortunate event that we are involved in an accident, we trust that the helmet will lessen the trauma caused by the wreck. Sometimes, though, that trust is violated and we are sold defective helmets that do not do their job up to the standard that we expect (and is legally required). In fact, negligent manufacturing and faulty materials can even lead to a helmet causing additional harm to its wearer during a crash.

To ensure their own safety, consumers must be on the lookout for recalls related to products they have purchased recently. Even if they are vigilant, though, consumers may be at risk of being injured by defective products for which a recall has not been issued.

Potential Helmet Defects

There are several helmet issues that can develop because of faulty materials or poor manufacturing processes:

  • Helmet shell problems-: The outer shell of a helmet may be too brittle or otherwise react inappropriately to the forces of an impact.
  • Liner/padding problems: The inner support and padding structure can fail to properly distribute the impact of a collision, possibly causing the helmet to collapse.
  • Strap/clasp problems: The chin strap can come disconnected, rendering the helmet useless. Tightening systems can fail, causing the helmet to slip off the back of the head, creating a strangling hazard.

Before you put a helmet on yourself or your children, inspect it closely to make sure there are no cracks, loose straps, or other suspicious issues.

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