Bicycle Defects

Defective products of all types can pose serious threats to consumers. The risk is particularly grave when the defective product is a bicycle, which is meant to carry a person at high speeds, often around other vehicles. We trust that companies closely monitor their manufacturing processes and thoroughly test their products. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. When our trust is violated, serious injuries or even death can result.

Dealing with the aftermath of a serious bicycle wreck can be painful and confusing. If you believe that the manufacturer should be held liable for damages, it is your right to look into pursuing legal action. Clarksburg personal injury attorney David Frame can further explain your options.

Types of Bike Defects

With something as large and potentially complex as a bicycle, there are many defects that can arise out of faulty materials or negligent manufacturing practices. The following are just a few examples:

  • Faulty frame welds
  • Brake issues
  • Pedals that come loose during operation
  • Broken chains or other drive train component issues
  • Tires or tubes that pop/blow out

The best way to avoid falling victim to a defective component is to give your bicycle thorough inspections on a regular basis. If you do spot a defect, report it as soon as possible.

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